How do I book my photo session?

Either by phone or in person! I offer a complimentary consultation to answer all your questions and give you tips to prepare for your session. Some clients prefer to book a session date over the phone to lock in a date before the consultation. That's OK! Call me at 816-803-4646 to either schedule a consultation or lock in your session date. To book a date, you will need to know the type of session you want. 

Who will I be photographed by?

You will always be photographed by yours truly - Russell Walker! I do not outsource your photography or editing. I will be there to help you through the entire process from start to finish. 

Everyone on your site is photogenic. I'm not sure I am. 

You would be surprised how often I hear that I only photograph "pretty people". That is far from the truth! I spend the time to get to know every senior and their style. It's how I bring out the true beauty in everyone I photograph. I have spent years perfecting my style and posing skills to enhance every body type and the best features of each and every senior so that they look their best in their finished images. Don't worry. I love what I do...making you look amazing in every photograph. If you love the images in my galleries, you will love the images I create for you!

When is the best time to schedule my senior session?

I photograph seniors all year long starting in June up to graduation. Many prefer to pick a session date during your summer break before your senior year starts. Once your senior year starts, you will be cray busy! Some prefer spring flowers or fall leaves. I will work around your school schedule to create that perfect session. It does get crazy-busy in the spring so booking your senior session early will guarantee that the date you would like it available. 

Where do you photograph seniors?

All over is the simple answer. I have locations all over  (some hidden!) from city to country and everywhere in between. Rest assured that I will find the perfect location that will compliment your outfits. Upon booking with me, I will provide you with options and discuss what you like, what your style is and your vision for your session. If you have a location in mind such a family property or a favorite spot, please share that with me at your consultation. In the end you you will have images that are unique to you!

Do you have favorite spots to photograph seniors?

I get asked this all the time and my answer is... everywhere! My goal is to make every session unique as possible so I don't go to the same spots all the time. I especially avoid the cliche spots that all the other photographers go to... unless you specifically request that location. 

Do you travel for sessions?

My seniors come from all over the place. I travel extensively to photograph seniors from Kansas, Missouri and the surrounding states. I will discuss how far we travel for your session at your consultation.  I also offer destination session in exotic places. Please call for more information if you would like to book the ultimate senior session. 

What if it rains or it's too windy?

Almost all sessions are outdoors so weather can effect your session. I never compromise or take a chance that I will not create the best photos at each session. If the weather looks like it will not cooperate, we will make a decision the day of or maybe the day before your session and simply reschedule for a day that works for you!

How do I choose my clothes?

It's important that your outfits show your unique style! At your consultation, we will go over tips to choosing outfits that will be flattering for photography. 

Do you provide makeup and hair?

I have an incredible makeup artist that I have worked with for several years. She will create a look that is natural while enhancing your features. I have chosen a makeup artist that specializes in AIRBRUSH makeup for a flawless look. I've also found her choice of products to work with every girl's skin. I jokingly saw that her makeup is "bombproof" because it look amazing during humid days. I do not offer hair because I feel that most seniors can style their own. I have also found that hair ends up being a changing thing in all sessions since I have girls play with their hair A LOT during their session. If you would like a professional hair style, I can make suggestions. 

Where are all the guy seniors?

I do photograph senior guys! Most of the time guys do senior photos at Mom's request. But, at the end of my guys session, I usually hear "I actually had fun". With guys, I try to focus on their sports, hobbies or cars. You know... the things important to most senior guys. 

What happens after my photo shoot?

Within 5 to 10 days I will schedule a time to come to your home to view your images presented in a showcase premier slide-show created just for you. This gives you an opportunity to view, touch and feel the quality of our products to decide exactly how you want to display your favorite images. I offer exclusive designs for wall gallery displays, gorgeous senior announcements, premier books and albums, luxe senior art-pieces and digital images for web and print. Coming to your home allows me to help you design the products that hang on your walls!