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Class of 2022-2024 Model Crew Application

Ready to stand-out and join the most sought-after Model Crew in Kansas City? Then you’re in the right place!


So what is Model Crew? Every year, Russell chooses the top teens from around the area to represent his brand. Model crew helps empower and inspire young teens to not only help build up self-confidence, but to also think and stand out creatively in doing so. 


First and foremost: I am NOT a modeling agency! What I do we do strictly just for FUN, but extremely rewarding, so you don’t need any previous modeling experience or a portfolio to apply. I’m looking for the Kansas City area's next great modeling talent, no matter where that takes us. If you are currently in high school and are Class of 2022-2024, being a FASHION TREND-SETTER, MEETING new people from around the area and just loves having FUN in front of the camera, this team is for you (No modeling experience needed)!! It’s time to introduce yourself to my Model Crew!


So what's in it for you?! You’ll get to take part in different model and group shoots through out the year, including your very own senior session (for Class of 2022 only). You will be able to keep digital files from all the shoots, be featured on social media and videos/Tiktoks/Instagram Reels that will be seen locally and nationally. 


Please take a few of minutes to complete the form below in order for us to get to know you better. 


**After completing this application, there will be a second round in the application process which consists of a Parent/Senior meeting and in-person interview questions. If you are selected, you will take part in a Parent/Senior meeting. This is where I go over all of the details of becoming a part of my exclusive 2022-2024 Model Crew with you and your parents. By completing this application, this does not mean you are automatically part of model crew and must attend the Parent/Senior meeting.

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I'm looking for something different than you might expect. I don’t want to see you in your fanciest outfit with lots of makeup on. We are looking for you at your most natural. (I promise not to share these photos) 
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*Please note that your parent/guardian consent is required to participate, so please be sure to obtain permission BEFORE submitting your application. Parents and Senior Models will be required to sign a contract upon being accepted into the our model crew program.

**We may look into your social media life -- if we do, be sure your profiles are public or that you accept our follow/friend request.

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